For those of you who have completed a Library Box Reward Club card, we have exciting news: you now qualify for membership in Coriander’s next level customer appreciation program, our exclusive 5th Saturday Club.

What It Is


Introducing our 5th Saturday Club, Coriander’s next level loyalty reward program. On every 5th Saturday of the month, club members get a discount on whatever they choose to stuff into their stylish and spacious Coriander 5th Saturday Club shopping tote! Okay, it’s not really limited to that – you can buy as much as you want – but we are kindly supplying you with a beautiful new reusable shopping tote to aid you in your exclusive savings quest.


As a member of our 5th Saturday club, you get to have a shopping bonanza with us while saving a bundle about 5 times a year.  Woohoo!


Future dates of the 5th Saturday shopping event are:


Saturday, November 30/19

Saturday, February 29/20

Saturday, May 30/20

Saturday, August 29/20

Saturday, October 31/20

Saturday, January 30/21


How It Works


To earn one of our tote bags, you must complete a Library Box Club card at Coriander.


Your tote bag has a handy little date card attached showing the next 1.5 years of 5th Saturdays.


One tote bag per customer; it is non-transferable.


No one can buy this bag ever.  If it is lost, Coriander will not provide a replacement, but, because you are on the 5th Saturday Club list, you can still shop and receive the club discount of that month.


You can fill up your bag at any of our Coriander locations.


We will let you know of the next approaching 5th Saturday discount (which will change from time to time) about a week before the scheduled event by email.  If you haven’t given us your email, it will be up to you to remember.