Our Stylists


Hello. I’m Megan and I love working at a company that cares about making

your customer experience with us great.

As the Team Leader in our Guelph store as well as an experienced Personal Stylist, I am very happy to bring my body positivity and people loving skills to our ever-growing customer base. Kindness and empathy are my guiding principles for all customer inter-actions because this is what I would want from anywhere I shop and I won’t offer you less.

Our new clothing lines reflect our philosophy that Coriander is for everyone. We work hard to engage with our community on Instagram as well as Facebook, but my favourite exchange is still the person to person method.  Indeed, a good chat over coffee (mine with milk, please) on patio or by a campfire recharges my battery like nothing else - I do love to connect. 

So please consider this a genuine invitation. It would be my pleasure to discuss your wardrobe wants and needs on the Coriander sales floor at your earliest convenience. Please stop by soon and see what I have in mind just for you.


“If crowned Ms. Coriander 2018, I would continue to be an advocate for my store and act as a positive role model for those in need of fashion assistance.”

Hi, I’m Amy, and fashion is my thing. As the team leader in our Collingwood Store I get to indulge my passion for fashion with lines like Cream for something in the feminine earthy vibe or,  for a more special occasion, a piece or two from the Nic & Zoe collection. I also love anything from our own Coriander label, worn with skinny jeans and accessorized with an armful of Alex & Ani bangles.

If you are having trouble finding your way through today’s trends, I would be very happy to help. My time spent combing through Pinterest and fashion blogs keeps me at the forefront of the “Must Have” scene. Not everything is for everybody, but there is always something for everyone at Coriander. Walk in daunted; leave elated…and well outfitted. That’s a big win for both of us.


Hello, I’m Kelsey and I have a predisposition for the good things in life – food, friends, and fashion – all of which I love to share in my role as a Personal Stylist at Coriander. 

I simply love clothes. My favourite line at Coriander is Cut Loose. Even the most casual piece in this natural fiber collection has elegant details. And I love that I can easily combine these separates with my pre-existing wardrobe. When I want to get dressed up, anything from a Bryn Walker collection will make me feel confident and stylish.

But most days I am a “pants all the way” kinda gal because they give me all the versatility I require for my active and often unplanned lifestyle.


When I am not working with Coriander clients, I live a busy life. I love to get outdoors with my pup – or create something delicious in my kitchen. Cooking is a pastime that has both cultivated my ability to follow directions but also taught me to improvise when needed. Couple this with my love of research and you can see how my Personal Stylist job is a sweet fit.

Let me apply my research skills and passion for fashion to your hunt for those perfect wardrobe additions. Chatting with you to determine your fashion wants and needs is my pleasure. Indeed, it is what I most enjoy about my work.