We are doing another of our very popular Mystery Boxes – woo hoo!

Hmmm…think we’ll call this one Fall Fashion Harvest Box because you will be delighted with what you reap in this offering. We have decided to layer you up in soft and cozy fabrics this time round. Read on for some highlights.


One of our versatile ponchos starts off your Mystery Box outfit *gasp – it’s an outfit!* with all the benefits of style, warmth, and added colour.


Next, we are cladding your lower half in our very, very popular jogger pants.

These comfy bottoms must be touched to be believed. So, so, sooooo soft!

They also look great on any shape from Small to 3X.


Finally, something practical and pretty that is going to change your world…

but we’re not saying what. Enter the mystery factor!












We are showing only a few options with these photos as the colour combinations are just too vast and varied to be documented here. Whatever will yours be?

(Yes, this is more of the mystery bit.)


Those lucky enough to purchase this week will be sent a short questionnaire in advance so that we can make sure our recipients get a tailored mystery box.

(We want nothing but 5 star reviews from each mystery box shared.)


This week's box is $99 (with a value of more than $125)!

So that’s a bundle of savings for this splendid package deal.


Just click here to order yours.


We will take orders for the boxes until Thursday at 6pm

(or until they sell out as we have a limited quantity).

Orders will be processed as they arrive and we will send you a confirmation that your box is a go -- Yay! :D -- or that you missed out on this round of fun -- Aw, shucks! :(


Your order will be waiting for you to pick up on Saturday morning

from Coriander Style. If that time doesn't work for you,

we will happily hold your order for a couple of days.

Alternatively, we can ship it anywhere in Canada for a $10 + HST fee.


Our numbers are limited, so do not hesitate.

We also want to remind you that the contents of all of our boxes

are a package deal and not returnable. But given our history of getting

it right thus far, we strongly suspect you will be completely satisfied

with what we have gleaned from our stores for you.