Erin does Denim

As always, denim rules supreme year round in any wardrobe, but jeans shopping can be an unrewarding hassle

unless you have a savvy fit expert on hand. And we do. Coriander Guelph proudly presents "Erin Does Denim"!

This caboose cladding event is taking place on Thursday, May 9th, and Friday, May 10th. Please phone or stop by in person ahead of time to book an appointment on either of these two dates to engage the services of our resident “Jeans Whisperer” for a personal fitting session.

Bonus: we will be issuing double Library Box points for any denim purchases made during your fitting. These dynamite deniming days are happening in our Guelph store only. Yes, Collingwood Friends, it will definitely be worth the drive! Let us know you are coming and we will put the kettle on for you. 😊