Coriander Guelph is turning 19 🥳

Coriander Guelph is turning 19 and you're invited to our party! We will have Sarah’s amazing homemade coconut cake* and iced tea on offer from 11:00-3:00. *This recipe is a closely guarded secret, but, for this occasion only, she is willing part with it to anyone willing to sing a “Happy Birthday to Coriander” song on camera. Daring performers will be awarded a print copy of this precious secret recipe from the strong box as they cash out. As an extra pretty party favour, the marvellously talented portrait photographer Linda Koppel will be here to take your Glamour Shot from 3:00-6:00. Show up in your Coriander best or let us dress you for your big moment in front of the camera. Time to refresh that headshot and show off those prime assets. We want all of you to flaunt it, to strut your stuff. We will be collecting a $10 cash donation on behalf of a local charity for each portrait session. Linda will capture your best side in just 5 minutes and then email you the discreetly-edited final product. Are you ready for your close up? (Actually, we will be shooting full length, so wear nice shoes too.)