The Coriander Holiday Gift Shopping Method

Holiday gift shopping at Coriander is going to look a little different this year in keeping with this challenging time.

We still have the great clothing, fashion accessories, and gifts you have come to know and expect, but this season we are offering something special. Something to overcome yet still respect the barriers a certain virus that shall

not be named has put in place. Something to put the sparkle back into your savvy shopper’s eye. Something that brings back the magic of an inclusive Yuletide perfect present hunt.

Are you ready for it?

Presenting the Coriander Holiday Gift Shopping Method*

*no prescription necessary; 100% effective

Our friendly free-range Coriander Elves are here to help in whichever way works best for you. Let us now examine each festive method in detail.

1. Virtual Shopping Just like our popular Style Box video calls, our Gift Box calls allow you to present us with your list of recipients and some details about them. Just fill out this easy shopping list to help us curate the perfect gift selection for each of your lucky recipients. Your selections will then be wrapped appropriately for the holiday and be ready for an easy and contactless curbside pick up. We anticipate getting very busy towards the middle of December, so shop with this service as early as you can to get the best selection. Call us at 1.705.293.4949 or email us at to set up your appointment.

2. Your Private Shopping Bubble Party You and your group of 5-8 bubble friends will have the run of either Coriander Style or Coriander Life for one whole hour of happy, relaxed shopping between 6 and 7 pm on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday evening. One of our super helpful elves will provide guidance, expert advice, and Coriander’s trademark superior customer service.

Oh, what fun this option is! But book your party soon as our time slots are filling up. Call us at 1.705.293.4949 or email us at to set up your appointment.

3. Always Fun & Safe In-Person Shopping Experience Our Elves will be at your disposal as you browse our racks and shelves. They are an excellent resource for gift ideas and product knowledge. They will even bag up your purchases in an aesthetically pleasing and festive manner if you bribe them with shortbread. Our Elves train hard for this, Folks, and they really know their stuff, so come on in and put them through their paces. (The pitter patter of their little elf feet really adds to the whole Yuletide gift buying experience.)

Please note that all of our Coriander Holiday Gift Shopping Methods will be observing social distancing and sanitizing safety protocols so we all can enjoy a happy holiday with our nearest and dearest. Let us be your shopping elves for an easy, enjoyable gift quest this year.